Who we are

First and foremost, we are culinary professionals with a lifelong love of healthy, well-prepared and beautifully presented foods. We’ve owned restaurants, raised our own artisan poultry (and eggs), operated mobile food venues and learned through experience what it takes to succeed in this exciting but tough industry. Now we are sharing what we know, and helping to solve the expensive issue of cooking space.

Our mission is to provide food entrepreneurs, young culinary businesses and anyone with a food-related idea a value-based alternative to building or leasing a kitchen to prep, cook or package products.

We make it easy. If you need help with licensing, sourcing raw materials or marketing, we are here to assist.

As the first to introduce the concept of a commercial kitchen to South Florida, and as a true culinary incubator, we take pride in the businesses we have helped launch.

We don’t just share our professional kitchen spaces, we share our professional knowledge.  Depending on where you are in the development or growth stages of your business, we can provide guidance with your overall business planning, licensing, insurance, certifications, distribution, sourcing—and more.

We are the premiere and exclusive Kitchen Incubators of South Florida. Join us. We look forward to providing you with what you need—when you need it.

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Getting Started

We make it simple. Just contact us.

Our requirements are minimum, the rates are value-based and the commitment is tailored to your needs. Pay as you stay, go as you grow.

Call or email today. Space is going quickly.